How to Standout in Elite Colleges Admission Screenings

Every year, most applicants to the most elite colleges and universities go home empty handed. These learning institutions have very low admission percentages that it may take more than luck and hard work to be able to be accepted. Take a look for example on these ivy league schools. In 2018, Columbia and Princeton registered a 5.5% admission. On the other hand Harvard only accepted 4.59% while Stanford admitted 4.3% from the total number of incoming college freshmen. Low admission in ivy schools has been a tradition and it may not change in the near future.

Indeed, getting into an elite college is always tough. It may require years of preparation and unconditional family support. If you think academic excellence is the only key, you are wrong. It is beyond getting very high SAT score and grades in your senior years in high school, although these are significant factors. You should also have to go over the following aspects to increase your chances of being admitted in an ivy university or any of the elite tertiary learning institutions out there.

Highlight Other Talents and Strengths

It is already in everyone’s knowledge that to be able to get into elite schools, you should have exceptionally academic record, and this includes your SAT. It is expected that every applicant has these credentials. There may be no room to separate applicants if this is the only criterion.

To stand out among equally bright applicants, it is needed that you highlight your special skills and talents. Are good in sports? What are you extracurricular activities? What do other people value in you the most? These information about you may be extracted from you in the preliminary essay that you have to go through and the initial interview. That’s why you have to improve your written and oral communication skills.

Outline How Motivated You Are

What do you see yourself in the future? How are you going to achieve those goals? Elite schools want to accept those who are highly motivated to be successful in life. You should be able to outline how you will be going to do this and adjust to the high demands of being in one of the top schools. Elite schools want their students to be successful because it’s an honor to them.

Improve Public Perception About You

Your chances of getting admitted to an elite school can be helped with your reputation in your community. Getting involved in community affairs and global issues can be a big plus. Getting yourself active in humanitarian and environmental concerns can be a big boost to your portfolio. Any top schools will be proud to have you because you will be representing their organization in such worthy endeavors.…

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