Top benefits of being a musician

For the majority of the people, being a musician seems to be a romantic idea. Whenever you think of musicians, what comes into your mind? Flashing lights, screaming fans, and lavish lifestyles come into mind. However, what are the advantages of living as a musician? In this post, we will learn different benefits of being a musician.



tg23wef6hedc7j222Playing your favorite music is soul fulfilling. In fact, playing music is cheaper as compared to therapy and it is more fun. In fact, playing music takes you to places in your mind and heart that are even unknown to you. For instance, it can lift you up and help you escape whenever you are feeling blue. It can also offer you a fun way of spreading the joy whenever you are feeling great.

Sex appeal

This may be the worst decision for one to be a musician, being a top performer has its upsides as far as opposite sex is concerned. The truth is that musicians have more than just sex appeal as compared to other types of artists. Even if you are very ugly, but lay down a great song, the odds are that you will catch the attention of someone’s eye. Thus, you will not have much trouble in finding a date.

Connecting with your audience

When playing music, the feeling of connection with a receptive audience can be like none in this world. It is quite amazing to have people to cheer you on while you do what you love. Moreover, it prompts one to perform at his or her best. tg23wdfvc67hyedf872iu2

Meeting new people

When you are a musician, you will meet several people and make friends. They can be your fellow musicians, fans, and even people you have nothing in common. As you know, music just like most art forms, can unit persons from different walks of life. It does not matter their differences because of its emotional level.

Active, focused mind

The good thing about being a musician is that you can sharpen your mind. Moreover, you can hone your focus. This is because of intense mental concentration and stimulation that playing music needs. It is scientifically proven that playing music enhances your brain and even sharpens listening skills. Thus, it will keep your mind strong and active. In this way, you can live a happier, richer, and more fulfilling life.…

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