The Benefits of International School over Local Schools

Every parent wants the best for their child. But we will be specifically speaking about education. The topic would be “international school vs local school”. There are bound to be questions like “are there benefits to sending your child to an international school abroad?” or “is the education quality is higher than a local school?”. The short answer is yes.

Harrow International School HK

Introducing Harrow International School which is regarded as one of the best international schools in hong kong. The fine establishment is located strategically near the Gold Coast of Tuen Mun which is not far from the beach or the town plaza, making it very convenient with ease of access to many amenities and entertainment. But let’s not get carried away, let’s focus on the benefits of your child attending an international school:

Better Integrated Education System

An international school has the word “international” in it. This means that the students attending the education establishment hail from international countries which mostly are coming from overseas. But that does not limit a native of the school to attend the school. International schools, typically, apply an integrated education system that does not provide limitations to disabled children or children with special needs to attend it, since they are international the environment will be more open-minded and integrated. Naturally, the students there will not be subjects to racism or bullying; making international schools an educational haven worldwide.

Higher Quality Education

We all know that the education standards in Asia are high. This means that the education quality is in accordance with the standards in Asia, especially Hong Kong which is highly regarded and acknowledged by the international eyes. Hong Kong is a former colony of Britain which makes their education system largely modeled after the United Kingdom, many students have developed an open-mind approach to things and a global and holistic view to solving problems. This is easily the best benefit of going to an international school.



As briefly touched in the point above. International schools in Hong Kong adopted English as their second language after Cantonese. This gives your child the ability to speak English which will be beneficial to be able to speak an internationally understood language. A local school will only teach English as a lesson but not providing the environment to utilize it and the partners to spoke it. International schools however are abundant with native English speakers that go to classes with your child. This can benefit your child to learn a new language and have international social circles which can lead to potential business partnerships on a global scale.

The Takeaway

Local schools are great but they are not excellent. Only an international school can give benefits like the above that can enrich your child’s life and guaranteeing their future to be successful.…

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